"If You Really Want To Succeed In 'Affiliate Marketing' At The Fastest Rate Possible Then I’d Like To Have Your Attention For The Next Two-Minutes..."

Attention ALL Struggling Affiliate Marketers...

"Discover The RIGHT Way To Launch & Profit From Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns...In 2018 And Beyond!"

...Even If You're A Total Newbie, 
Starting Out With Nothing.

Dear Struggling Affiliate Marketer,

Imagine being able to make money on demand by firing off a few emails that pour cash into your bank account while you toy with the exquisite dilemma of what to spend the money on.

And imagine, being able to do all this by exploiting other folks’ hard work burning the midnight oil while you sleep soundly in your bed because all your bills are paid on time and you have plenty of spare cash for those little luxuries – and you don’t even have to worry about customer support or other hassles.


That’s What I Thought,

Howdy … my name is Craig Dawber and it wasn’t all that long ago when I was spinning my wheels, just about where you probably are, right now.

Because - probably just like you - I could see the huge advantages of making money as an affiliate for other people’s products, where I enjoyed the lion’s share of the sale price WITHOUT the hassle of product creation and customer support.

But I Soon Discovered There’s A
BIG Problem With That

Because it isn’t enough to simply drive traffic to an affiliate link, because that’s the fast track to disaster.

And if you’re paying for your traffic, then that’s the express highway to financial ruin, because you probably won’t make even enough money to cover your advertising –
in fact, you’ll bleed red ink.

Because it will cost you a king’s ransom to put yourself in THIS powerful position ...

So, having almost lost my shirt doing affiliate marketing the way most
affiliates try to do it ...

I Made A Vow

I swore that if I succeeded in cracking the affiliate marketing code and started to make serious money, then I would remember these hungry days and reach down and give other struggling affiliates - like you - a helping hand.

Because internet marketing is just about the best way for regular folks like us, on shoestring budgets, to finally have a shot at the free time and financial FREEDOM offered by successful internet marketing.

So I focused on the internet’s most successful Super Affiliates, joined their lists and reverse engineered their operations.

And, slowly – bit by bit – a pattern began to emerge, so I could start to see what THEY were doing to succeed that regular folks like us were NOT doing.

And, when I included these missing steps, my income took off like an Atlas rocket headed for the Moon ...

And Why Didn’t We Struggling Affiliates Know About These Vital Steps?

Because these very same Super Affiliates were selling ‘How to make money as an affiliate’ products with this vital information MISSING.

But, as Sir Francis Bacon said, back in the 15th Century: “Revenge is a kind of wild justice”.

So remembering my vow - that if I succeeded in cracking the affiliate code, I’d help other good folks, like you, to achieve their dreams of FREEDOM.

The cherry on top of the sundae is being able to exact revenge on those Super Affiliates on your behalf, too.

And Now It’s Finally Here …


A Step by Step Blueprint for Setting Up Profitable Affiliate
Campaigns, Faster than You Could Have Ever Imagined!

(Available Now For Instant Download)

Affiliate Supremacy V2.0

And Here’s Just A Tiny Sneak Peek At Just Some Of The Goodies Awaiting You Inside

  • The five letter acronym that will help you join the 5% elite band who make money on line. 
  • The simple secret of success regardless of your level of intelligence.
  • Affiliate marketing made simple (if you haven’t a clue what affiliate marketing is you’ll know all about it after reading this short expose).
  • The turbo-charger that DOUBLES the number of leads a regular affiliate set up would normally expect.
  • The ‘McSecret’ (and how to deploy it in your business to send those profits off the chart).
  • The key tactic that persuades your buyers to buy ever higher priced products.
  • The vital ingredient – traffic - and the four top sources of targeted free traffic for testing your sales funnel.
  • The paid traffic source that’s better than solo ads because it puts you in front of your prospect right at the moment they are HOT. 
  • The little known ‘Fabulous Five’ FaceBook groups holding the power to set your marketing campaign ablaze.
  • The science behind why folks buy stuff – and how you can use it to maximize your profits.
  • The Affiliate Launch Planner the simple way to make your promos work like gangbusters.
  • Email sequencing – and the vital art of maximizing the responsiveness of your list.
  • And much, MUCH more ...

And Here’s Something You Must
Consider Carefully

It’s one thing for me to use my system and make big bucks as an affiliate, but the question is, can students use my formula to emulate my success?

Well… When I released version 1.0 of Affiliate Supremacy, I sold over 1000 copies and received dozens of emails from happy customers who had used to method to:

  • Make their first affiliate sale
  • Double their affiliate income
  • And even quit their jobs to become full time affiliates

We'd love you to be our next success story and display it here!

Affiliate Supremacy 2.0 is bigger and better than ever before. If version 1.0 helped people go from nothing to sales, imagine what YOU can achieve with version 2.0.

You Might Be Wondering This

You can now see my program gets awesome results for both me and others.

But you’re probably wondering if such a surefire program is within your budget, because a proven method that delivers results like that is liable to cost an eye-watering amount.

You’re right it should certainly demand a king’s ransom.

But, remember, I’m on a mission here to exact a little revenge on the Super Affiliates who are doing their very best to keep us regular folk off their affiliate gravy train.

So the more of us who are able to take up this plan and steal the Super Affiliate’s commissions from under their noses the better.

They’ll really HATE that!

But, just before I reveal the size of your investment in black belt affiliate marketing, I have to make this clear.

We Take All The Risk Here.

You’ve seen my proof and the awesome results that this method has generated for me.

You’ve heard about the success my students had with version 1.0 of the product.

BUT I don’t want you to gamble with your hard earned money based on what others have achieved. I want you to take the program and prove to YOURSELF how good this method really is - without any financial risk.

I can’t be any fairer than that.

So you can take the whole program away for a 30 day test drive under the total protection of my ‘Either it works for you or your money back’ guarantee.

That means you can defer any big decision until you’re perfectly satisfied this program is perfect for you.

So download the material, pour a cold beer and study it in the comfort of your favorite couch. Be delighted at the sheer simplicity of the technique and be astonished when you see the vital steps my system includes that other programs neglect to mention.

Then, if at the end of 30 days, you haven’t experienced the sheer joy of seeing those fat commissions engorging your bank account to bursting point and you don’t feel that this is the easiest way to make serious money you’ve ever come across, then simply drop me an email for a full, fast and no quibble refund of every penny of your investment.

Ah yes, your investment.

We’ve already agreed this program is worth far more than most of the other programs out there, because it’s proven to work.

But remember, I want as many folks as possible stealing these juicy commissions from those fat cat Super Affiliates. So, despite the program having a value of $47.00,

I’m slashing your investment today to just $17 but bear in mind we put a percentage value on the free report download page - make sure it ties in – but wait, because there’s more …

I’m determined you will make a rip-roaring success of this program, so I’ve gone the extra mile for you with these five carefully compiled Action Taker Bonuses carefully designed to enhance the main program …

PLUS: When You Order Today, We're Also Including These Incredible Bonuses...

“Bonus #1: Niche Selection Cheat Sheet”

The problem of selecting a suitable niche you they are passionate about and which is ALSO one where good money is already being made is one of the major reasons many newbies never get off the launch pad.

Not any longer! Because this valuable cheat sheet highlights the many  profitable niches where you can make serious money as an affiliate. Pick any one and you’re well on your way to niche GOLD.

Bonus #2: “Top Five ROI Cheat Sheet”

A simple five second decision can make a whole universe of difference to your fortunes for many years to come.

So here is a painstakingly researched expose that works seamlessly with your first bonus, the ‘Niche Selection Cheat Sheet’, to ensure you’re working in the most profitable niches.

Bonus #3: “Three-Part Email Series”

Forget writer’s block, because I’ve created these compelling, universal email templates to persuade your prospects to buy the product you’re promoting, regardless of what niche you select.

Bonus #4: “Affiliate Launch Planner”

Super Affiliates get their ducks in a row many weeks ahead of an upcoming product launch.

So, if you want to beat them at their own game, this is what you must do too. And this cleverly designed ‘Affiliate Launch Planner’ will make it a snap to do, empowering you to build a seamless stream of new campaigns for maximum commissions.

Bonus #5: “Automated Email Planner”

Just as you need to have your campaigns set up ahead of time so it provides you with a continuous profit stream, you need to forward plan your emails, too.

So this specially designed planner will make that a complete no-brainer.

So What Would Be A
Smart Move For You?

You can carry on as before, maybe being the play thing of the Super Affiliates and their ‘missing link’ training, so you waste another king’s ransom chasing after the next bright shiny object they release in the vain hope THIS ONE will contain the missing part of the puzzle – although you know deep down there’s no real chance that will happen.

OR ...

You can choose to make the sensible choice and take advantage of the exact same method I use to make serious affiliate commissions.

And, remember, I used this exact same system to finally crack the affiliate code and you’ll probably achieve your goal even faster than me, because I had to spend a lot of time on trial and error until I perfected my formula.

But you’ll skip all that and zoom straight to affiliate GOLD.

What’s more …

We're including this unique bonus created exclusively to work hand in hand with Affiliate Supremacy 2.0.

The really BIG money is made by affiliates who have a powerhouse sales funnel, because a properly designed, responsive sales funnel will squeeze every last drop of value from every visitor.

That means you can make a fortune from MINIMAL traffic.

The problem is it takes a great deal of experience plus a lot of trial and error to design and then test and tweak every part of the funnel until it’s a finely tuned PROFIT ENGINE.

But We’ve Done All That For You – So You’ll
Hit The Ground Running.

YES! Provided you get on board right away, I’ll hand you my multi-media blueprint that will make setting up your perfect sales funnel – which works in any niche - a complete snap.

So you don’t need mega amounts of traffic to make serious amounts of money.

Plus the Affiliate Supremacy cheat sheet - created exclusively for Affiliate Supremacy 2.0 customers.

But, get on board now and it’s ALL yours for less than family sized pizza.

Yes Craig, I Want To Copy This Affiliate Commission Creating Strategy Into My Business.

I'm ready to stop buying shiny objects and get serious about my Affiliate Marketing!

I understand that by placing my secure order today I will receive instant access for less than a set of movie tickets...

I understand that I am covered by your 100% cast iron 30 day money back guarantee.

I understand that this is a real opportunity to finally break through the barriers and make it online!

Affiliate Supremacy V2.0

Access to "Affiliate Supremacy" is available instantly
inside the secure members area, even if it's 3am


Of course, I could just be full of hot air and my program won’t really help you make it as a black belt affiliate - despite it working for me.

But what if I’m right?

You now have the perfect, simple, RISK FREE way to find out.

So claim your test drive RIGHT NOW.

To YOUR success,

Craig Dawber & John Chadwick

Creators, Affiliate Supremacy

P.S. No need to make a final decision until you’ve had a chance to try the full program for 30 days. It’s digital, so it’s not like you have to pack it up and send it back, is it?

P.P.S. I’ll leave the last word to another of our delighted clients, Tim Ph...


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